There have been a lot of anxious eyes on Hellish Quart because of its highly realistic gameplay compared to those other fighters like the brutally over-the-top Mortal Kombat. It is so because IGN has branded it the “most authentic sword fighting game ever.” In this article you’ll discover every detail communicated regarding whether Hellish Quart would show up to last-gen console games in addition to the PS5 and Xbox Series X now that it is accessible in Early Access format on Steam. Some people have asked if Hellish Quart would then come to PS4 and Xbox One, and now here you would find the answers to those queries.

This indie-developed fighting game is supposed to provide a more realistic feel based on physics. Its fatal duels are being called a spiritual sequel to Bushido Blade, which was released during the days of the PS1. Even though it is genuine and focused on response instead of combos, the creators have emphasized that it is still a game meant to be entertaining rather than tedious and repetitive.

It is currently available on Steam Early Access mode, and further, down this page, you’ll find out if there is any possibility that Hellish Quart will be out on PS4 or Xbox One.

What is Hellish Quart?

A fighting game involving sword dueling wherein the swords really strike employing physics, and the characters utilize motion-captured fencing methods. Have a blast engaging in intense battles with friends almost instantly! This thrilling video game has it all – a challenging survival mode and local multiplayer options, a variety of weapons to choose from like sabers, swords, broadswords and more!. In addition, you have the option to spar lightly with wooden weapons or practice in current HEMA gear. In addition to this, a VR mode may also be chosen.


It is currently being worked on actively. A Single Player Story Mode is currently being developed. Just local multiplayer is available in this game.

Hellish Quart may now be purchased through Steam Early Access program for $16.99 (£13.89).

You do not need to purchase the Steam Early Access edition of Hellish Quart at the above price because a demo game version can be downloaded through Steam.

When will Hellish Quart be finished developing?

Although the game is already avablie on Steam for Early Access, it is nowhere near complete. The creators have estimated that it would take two years until the game’s completed product is officially released. This is in response to how long the game will be in the production stage. My guess is that it could happen even sooner due to it booming popularity in the gaming community.

Listed below are all of the features that are available in the game’s Early Access version:

  • A total of five characters available for use
  • A cinematic preview of the story (a test clip)
  • Five tracks of the game’s original soundtrack
  • Six different battlefields
  • Options to alter ragdoll properties, such as slomo, stamina, damage, no blood, and so on
  • Support for controllers.
  • Game modes that pit players against AI, as well as a local player vs. player option.

The following is a list of everything else that we hope the final release of the game will include:

  • a cinematic story level with complete animations
  • a variety of outfits for playable characters
  • inclusion of Parsec for multiplayer mode
  • a fighting mode with trained weapons


There are currently no plans to bring this sword dueling game Hellish Quart to either PS4 or Xbox One.

It’s definitely possible that Hellish Quart will one day be available on Xbox Series X and the PS5! Once the entirety of the game is finished and released, it would be a blast to play on console!

However If you are a PC gamer you will be pleased to know that the game has full controller support and is also Steam Deck Verified.

The following information about the game’s planned operating systems can be found in the Press Kit area of the official website of the game:

“Steam for Early Access, and assuming all is going according to plan, consoles the following launch.”

Given that this sword fighting game may continue to stay in Early Access format on Steam for another years, it is unlikely that Hellish Quart will come to PS4 and Xbox One. PS5 and Xbox Series X might feature dominant player figures by 2023 or 2024, but Hellish Quart will most likely stay in Early Access format on Steam for another couple of years. After the game has been made available in its entirety on Steam, there are currently no plans in place for it to be ported to either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox One Series X.

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