If you want to immerse yourself into the amazing driving games and play them with full content, then you must need the best PC Racing wheel with clutch and shifter. Adding ideal steering wheels is the best decision that you can make to enjoy the gaming experience and racing experience. The best PC Racing Wheel With Clutch And Shifter will enable you to attain even a simple corner smoothly and avoid tugging in racing. Controls in racing are the most sensitive matter, and racing wheels are best known for their handling in controls.

Some of the best PC racing wheels are what we’ve presented here. Though some of them are costly, it’s worth it. We’ve sorted out about five PC steering wheels and presented their features and weaknesses. Despite some of their faults, they are one of the best that you can afford.

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Model Rotation Price
900° Check Price
1080° Check Price
270° Check Price
240° Check Price
1080° Check Price

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

For the best Racing wheels, Logitech has always been famous. The Logitech driving force G29 racing wheel is another model of Logitech that provides High-quality feedback dual-motor along with three pedals.

With three pedals and sixteen buttons, Logitech G29 has a 900° rotation advantage.

Wheelbase: Logitech Dual-motor force feedback and solid steel ball bearings in the wheel give it durability along with providing a smooth, exciting driving experience. Its hand-stitch leather cover has a fine-looking quality and makes the product look more expensive. Besides, its adjustable floor pedals let you feel like an actual car and that’s what we need. The stainless steel paddle shifters and floor pedals let you apply the force precisely.

Wheel Quality: As the wheel is permanently placed and you can’t take it off, it is a must that the quality should be good. Thankfully it is, and the controls are super smooth to make you feel that you have full control of it. Also, well-positioned stainless paddle shifters let you accelerate comfortably while you’re in a race. Lastly, The wheel size is perfect to enjoy the racing experience. The shifter of the driving force offers you an experience that you will never forget.

Pedal Quality: The non-linear brake pedal provides you with a textural heel grip system. Though it is not large in size, it has a self-calibrating system which is worth your spending. The helical gearing can deliver smooth and quiet operation. Also, the driving force will let you comfortably accelerate, change gears, and brake with the actual feeling of driving a car.

Shifter, Wheels, and Pedal – the combination of a perfect Steering wheel for fearless racing. The overall Racing wheel screams perfection. However, the price seems a bit too much for this one and the quality does not match up to the max.

  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC
  • High-quality force feedback motor
  • Not Quite luxurious

Final Thoughts

Logitech G29 driving force racing wheel is just the one you should be looking for. This is improved from the Logitech G920 racing wheel and it has also come back leads. But, it is worth the price.

Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit

Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit

Fanatec CSL is compatible not only with PC but also with other platforms on all major racing games. It looks good and feels great in hand and also performs exceptionally well. Besides, it is customizable. It works seamlessly with all PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.

It has a 1080° rotation along with two pedals and fifteen buttons.

Wheelbase: It comes with a bunch of buttons that help you customize your wheel. And it is quite handy for someone who is using a PC. Besides, there are two elements that affect force feedback strength- diameter and weight. Its ideal diameter and weight enable you to turn the wheel easily, which is pretty neat. However, the m6 bolt used on the steering wheel will have a quick release that is unacceptable for its price.

Wheel Quality: The steering wheel is leather and suede-wrapped, which is a major improvement for its weight and feel. It is not placed permanently, and that’s why if you want to upgrade it later, you can easily remove it with no hassle. A built-in screen at the top of the wheel will let you repair the calibration parameter of the wheel if needed. Moreover, the paddle-shifting is not quite clicky, but they are appropriate for the price range.

Pedal Quality: Some of the gamers prefer these types of the pedal as they are super comfy and smooth to use.

  • Strong Force feedback engine,
  • Easily customizable
  • Quick release bolt

Final Thoughts

Fanatec CSL Elite Starter kit is designed using advanced and highly praised club sports technology. And, this makes the force feedback more strong. Its tuning display has the capability of changing many important settings such as force feedback strengths, and steering angle. This one should not be a bad choice.

RWA: Racing wheel apex From Hori

RWA: Racing wheel apex From Hori

RWA is one of the best non-force feedback racing wheels for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC, and will be worth buying. It’s customizable and works great with the most famous racing games.

It can rotate 270° max with the advantages of three pedals and sixteen buttons.

Wheelbase: Hori RWA with just one shortcoming- It can’t give you the feeling of riding a real car as it doesn’t have force feedback. Though the d-pad feels spongy, it is decent to that of T300. There are also a bunch of high-quality buttons on the wheel.

However, the racing wheel stand is not much solid, and it doesn’t even need to be solid as there isn’t any tension of a non-force feedback steering. Moreover, it doesn’t even need a power adapter.

Wheel Quality: Though the wheels of the Hori RWA feels small and light, it is made with a decent plastic component and the holding parts are of rubber.

Pedal Quality: With a very small plastic base, two of the pedals are also made of plastic. Though there is not much resistance, both are easy to be pressed down. Furthermore, its underside panel not only enables you to keep your feet to rest on but also makes sure to keep the pedals in place.

If you’ve wanted a non-force feedback racing wheel then it is one of the best for you to choose.

  • Build is of good quality,
  • Customizable
  • Powerful rumble feedback
  • Might miss the force feedback
  • Mediocre Pedals

Final Thoughts

Hori has been doing great on the market of racing wheels and it succeeded to release a non-force feedback racing wheel. So, many of the buyers have chosen this as their first-ever racing wheel. And honestly, it is not disappointing as long as you don’t want force feedback.

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

Though T80 is not quite preferable to the hardcore sim-racers, it was actually released for beginners. Its low price and some features are to attract new racers, and many of the gamers choose it as their first wheel ever. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. There is rubber texture cladding on the wheel grip that makes the wheel resistant to re-centering.

Wheelbase: It does have force feedback but, rather than using a Force feedback motor, it uses “Thrustmaster’s Bungee cords.†Including a d-pad, Thrustmaster T80 has eleven action buttons and two paddle shifters. It is an 8:10 scale replica of the wheel you can find in the Ferrari 488 GTB. To operate the in-game menu and PC system easily, the wheel has a special feature of quick PS, share, and options buttons.

Wheel Quality: T80 wheel is kinda small yet, its rubber texture coating is comfortable for the handgrip. The metal paddle shifter is pretty resistant. Also, a bunch of Bungee cords makes you will have a real racing feeling.

Pedal Quality: Both pedals and the base are plastic, but they are quite strong. Many gamers also prefer this one because these pedals have plenty of resistance, and you’ll feel like you are driving a real car. This large pedal set comes with an adjustable angle and also has a wide footrest that enables comfort and better acceleration.

  • low budget equipment
  • Uses Bungee cords instead of Force feedback motor

Final Thoughts

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition is a replica of Ferrari 488GTB and of course, you already know that. The Ferrari lovers would not look further. And others who are not a fan of ferrari can also pick up this one. Yeah, it’s up to you.

ThrustMaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

ThrustMaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

ThrustMaster is a great force feedback PC racing wheel with a three-pedal set. One may not think of it as the best since it does not have premium quality or options. However, it made it much cheaper than the other competitor.

Providing a 1080° force feedback base, Thrustmaster T150 Po also includes two pedals board.

Wheelbase: With its strong force feedback, you can get a complete simulation experience that too, at a reasonable price. The feedback system is made of a gear system with metal ball shifters. Its small size makes it look like a toy, but its exceptional strong feedback will give you real physical and also fast and powerful force feedback.

Wheel Quality: Both the wheel and the base are of plastics, and precisely, they are solid ones. The rubber texture on the grip really gives an excellent handgrip. Overall, the texture on the rest of the wheel is pretty neat and decent.

Pedal Quality: This two-pedal board does look simple and cheap but, Thrustmaster T150 provides you with the three-pedal set of T3PA Pro. its internal structure is made with full metal. With a variable resistance, the T3PA Pro pedal-set gives a sturdy feeling.

  • Strong Force feedback
  • Well-made feeling
  • Low rent pedals
  • Slightly notched while the wheel turning

Final Thoughts

T150 Pro is the result of Thrustmaster’s hard work, improved technology, experiences over the years. It is compatible with the TH8A shifter, though you have to buy it separately. The 100 percent metal pedals and internal structure are all about satisfaction.

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE

It’s a high-end PC racing wheel, so you can get to know that it will be expensive and heavy. You need to have a power supply to run it.

It also has a 1080° rotation but with only two pedals and twelve buttons.

Wheelbase: T300 needs a USB connection with the console for a power source as it doesn’t connect wirelessly (though it has its own power supply). The buttons can be easily used when your hands are in a standard driving position, unlike the d-pad, as they are loose and look cheap. Neither a clutch and pedals nor a gear stick is included, even if you consider its price. Its racing wheel with responsive force feedback is so convincing and super smooth that it will let you feel you’re truly in there holding the wheel of a real car.

Wheel Quality: The Quick-release system of the wheel is the advantage that enables you to interchange the wheel rims. Though the wheel is of solid build quality, the rubber texture surrounding the edges is cheap. The satisfying clicking sound that metal paddle shifters make can easily move along with the wheel.

Pedal Quality: The pedals need to connect with the console through an ethernet cable. The metal-plated pedals are adjustable and adequate. Also, it has plenty of resistance.

  • Force feedback with a real feeling
  • Compatible with PS3 and PC
  • Might need to upgrade the pedals

Final Thoughts

Those who are wanting to get a PC racing wheel without the clutch, look no further. It is one of the best in the market without any clutch. And also, it does not have any difference from the upper ones.

Closing Thought

To be one of the best PC Racing Wheel With Clutch And Shifter, These wheels must have some certain features- Powerful Force feedback, a good quality wheel, paddle shifters, and of course, resistant pedals. Though some of the wheels that we have chosen don’t have Force feedback, they have other options to overcome this shortcoming. Despite having weaknesses, these six racing wheels are the ones that you can choose for your next purchase. Our recommendation is Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for its overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a steering wheel better than a controller?

    The wheel is better in consistency whereas the controller has the advantage of drifting when there are insane tight S sections.

  2. Why are PC steering wheels so expensive?

    The PC steering wheel is much more good at giving force feedback as the drive motors don't need to push hard for it. That's why they are so expensive.

  3. Is Thrustmaster or Logitech better?

    Thrustmaster comes with great wheel quality while Logitech has a better impression in terms of performance, and quality.

  4. What is wheel clipping?

    Clipping is a signal that lacks details. The signal that is sent to you, the electronics, and the motors will turn the signal into movement.

  5. Is fanatec better than Thrustmaster?

    When it comes to forcing feedback Thrustmaster is better as Fanatec is best at the non-force feedback option.

  6. Are racing games better with a wheel?

    Racing games are better with a wheel as you can feel every movement you feel. You can also turn, twerk with ease.

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