PS4 controller disconnecting from PC over and over again is quite a problematic situation. There are not many reasons for this problem to arise. But there are definitely some solutions to solve this issue. If your PS4 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting or just lags for quite some time, then it is an issue to solve for a long. This means a long-time solution where you won’t have to repeat the solution every time it disconnects.

We will try to provide some lasting solutions here that will help the ‘PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC’ issue.

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Fix PS4 Controller Disconnecting From PC issue

Get the latest version of DS4 Windows

The problem can be because of not having the latest version of DS4 windows. You can install drivers by using this latest DS4 windows version.

Make sure you delete the old folder used for DS4 windows in case you mix them up.

The latest version of DS4 is being updated on GitHub. Follow this: Github You will be able to download it here. Then install the drivers by using the downloaded DS4.

Use a Different a USB Port

If you are using a USB port, then the problem may also lie here. Use another device on the port that you are using now for the PS4 controller. If the new device is connected and runs properly, then the problem may not be with the USB port. Try using all other USB ports of your PC except the ones on keyboards or monitors. They are just passthrough ports that are not always the right choice for your PS4. If the controller still keeps disconnecting on all other ports, check the cable. We hope, PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from PC USB is solved.

If the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC wired: If your cable is bent, twisted, or damaged, it is inevitable that the controller will disconnect. Change the cable to a new or damage-free one.

Connect The Controller before turning on the Game

After you launch the game you are playing and then connecting the controller may be the reason why it keeps disconnecting. Make sure to connect it before you launch your favorite game you are going to play.

PS4 Controller Disconnecting on Steam

If you are playing on steam and your PS4 is occurring this issue repeatedly, try gaming on the big picture mode. It should solve the problem temporarily or permanently if lucky. However, using DS4 will be a better solution if the first step does not work.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting and reconnecting

If your controller disconnects from your Playstation on its own repeatedly, solving it is easy with three solutions.

Try Cleaning the PS4

Since the PS4 controller is a small peripheral, it can be easily clogged up even by small dust, a couple of strings of hair, and some other small things. A clogged PS4 is not a good choice for gaming and it will definitely keep disconnecting if the situation inside is worse.

Turn the controller upside down. Unscrew the screws there and follow a trustworthy procedure of cleaning the controller. There are many videos on Youtube or articles that have step-by-step procedures to clean it.

Disconnect The Controller

Disconnect your PS4 controller and then again reconnect it.

  • On the Home screen of your Playstation, scroll up to the top bar.
  • Navigate to the settings and click on it.
  • Scroll it down and click on “Devices”.
  • The first option will be Bluetooth Devices. Click on it.
  • In that option, among all the Dualshock 4, click on the active one.
  • Disconnect it.
  • Now press the Playstation button on your PS4 to reconnect.

Reset The controller

On the back of the PS4 controller, there is a small hole on the right side under the L2 button. Use a pin or toothpick to press on that hole. Press it about for 5-10 seconds. That will reset your PS4 controller. Then, press the Playstation button on your PS4 to reconnect again.

These solutions and procedures should be able to help you in some way to solve the problem. Even if it does not help with a lasting solution, it should last for a long time. However, these procedures should be lasting unless there is some other reason.

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