Newegg is an e-commerce site that sells different PC parts, computer hardware, and devices. They are like the local computer hardware store from where almost all PC users out there have bought at least once. It is one of the top-notch websites aka e-commerce sites that is safe enough to buy even expensive products. One can easily see how hot that website runs. It means how people are always buying from them and leaving good reviews. Of course, they also leave bad reviews. However, every site has both good and bad sides. It just depends on the balance. You need to check thoroughly if it is really reliable enough or not.

According to WHOis, Newegg has been in this industry for over ten years and is respectfully doing its job till now. They sell good products. One of the beautiful things about them is, they strictly and thoroughly check the products and see whether those are good enough to be sold at their site. So when your question is that “Is Newegg safe and trustworthy?” Yes, Newegg is safe and reliable that you can buy all your PC parts from there. 

They have more stations all around the USA which is why the US residents get more service than other people of other countries. Still, they are trustworthy and provides good and fast services. However, you always should check their refund or return policy just in case. Moreover, their RMA issue is also the best and fast. Though there are other sites with better options or the cheapest options, the question of being safe is right. Newegg is a reliable and safe site to buy from.

Let me tell you why do I have such a positive overview of them? One of my close friends lives in New York for his studies. He was having a hard time while buying a PC part that was not available on Amazon at that time. He asked me for help and since I was always dealing with all these reviews, I recommended Newegg. It is one of those websites from where I always get an overall overview of a product. Anyway, he then ordered it and got the product pretty quickly. The product was intact and in the best condition. He was like, “I can’t be happier with this product.” And that’s why I know and believe why this site is trustworthy.

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Are all products from Newegg good and flawless?

This does not always depend on the site itself. How does an e-commerce site work? Let us make Newegg an example. Newegg has a partnership with the products’ company and their manufacturer. They work as a media and a vendor who buys the products from the manufacturer of the main company and puts them in their warehouse. When you place an order for a product, they take it up from their warehouse, make some procedures to go through, seal them and send them to the way of your house. If the product has any manufacturing problem, the fault is not of Newegg. It is the manufacturers’ fault. This condition also falls on other e-commerce sites as well.

However, if the product has outer damage or does not come fully sealed, or has some parts broken, it is the site’s fault. In this case, you have to go through their RMA process for a return or refund. Fortunately, Newegg offers good service here and does not leave a customer with bad behavior. Still, there can be exceptions, right? Since we do not know all the things happening there, let us not make a prediction out of nothing. 

What must I do before placing an order on Newegg?

When you are going to spend money from your wallet, you always check if it is really going to a reliable source. It is just our natural instinct. PC parts are something sensitive things to us. That’s why we all try to get the best one possible without getting scammed. Though Newegg is a reliable site to buy from, there are always some precautions you must take before placing an order.

First of all, be sure to check all the reviews of the product you are intending to buy from there. See if there were any shipping faults that Newegg deals with. If there are any, then be reluctant to buy and check other reliable sites. But if there are not any, check whether the product will be shipped from other sites and it will be written there. Then, go through their return and refund privacy policy unless you leave something behind. If all the things point to the right side, you can place an order at ease.

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