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In this generation, devices are used in a wide range. From kids to old people, everyone is attached to a single electronic device. It can be an android phone, tablet, iPhone, computer, LED screens, and so on. And the people who are on the job sector, have to continuously work on PC from morning till night. The outsourcers or freelancers sometimes have to sit in front of a computer all day long, doing work. Kids and students are also bound to have online classes that they sometimes spend all day with a laptop or a mobile phone. However, we all know excessive use of screen time is unhealthy for both your body and eyes. 

But is there any way out? Cause all these screen times are important and we cannot even break out from them. Since we cannot get out of the unhealthy cycle of screen time and we still want to protect our eyes and body, let us find an alternative. But even before that, why is the device screen harming our eyes? This question comes first. These screens spread blue light and continuous staring at it affects our eyes. That’s why many companies have started to release blue light screen protectors to make it safer to use devices.

Now, in this article, we have tried to provide a detailed explanation of BLUE Light and also some best blue light screen protectors.

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What is blue light?

We all know that the UltraViolet ray we get from the SUN is harmful to us to the extent. And it stays in our visible light spectrum. We cannot distinguish all these seven colors of rays because all of them come together which is why we see them as one color. That’s why we can not even know, from which part UV ray is coming so that we don’t place our eyes there. And BLUE light is the nearby light of UV and it is also harmful to our eyes. Since it is coming from the sun, we are in this light all day long. However, being floating in this BLUE light and then again placing our eye on somewhere this light is continuously coming from is a serious matter. That’s why our eyes hurt when we stare at the device screen for too long. 

Unfortunately, most of the children and teenagers of this generation are stuck with glasses and their power is so high that even children are sick of it. Children with longer screen time and children with no screen time have a huge difference in their eyesight. Especially, many villages are still yet to be urbanized and the children living there do not face eye problems until they are old. Blue light is the source of eye fatigue, insomnia by damaging our cells.

The Blue Light which is also known as Blue LED Light is in the visible light spectrum, ranging from 400 to 525nm. Since we are always exposed to this harmful light all day long, let’s try to at least escape from it when we have to stare at the device. 

It has become a normal thing to have a headache, eye redness and aching, and even sleep deprivation. If your eyes are exposed it too much like beyond, it can make you lose your vision. Let’s not go to that dark side and try to protect our eyes from the very first. And that’s why Blue Light Screen protector/blocker is in heavy need right now. It will filter out the Blue Light. In other words, it blocks the blue light coming from the device’s screen and helps your eyes to be in a better situation.

Best Blue Light Screen Protector


eyes pc

The EYES PC Blue Light Screen protector works as an eye saver. It is best for you if you have to sit in front of your computer all day long. Once you start using it, you will realize how much less strained your eyes are. Though it has one problem and that it has reflection. Like you can see it yourself in it as if it is a mirror. But that problem occurs when you have a source of light behind you. If you can solve this problem, the service of this filter will be a huge help for your eyes. It has a good build quality. Moreover, it is easy to put on and remove & it does not need any sticky things to be held on. It will reduce the HEV blue light ranging from 380nm to 495nm which is the one that harms us.

If your LED is a touchscreen, you will no longer be able to use the touchscreen after you put this on.

  • Easy to use and remove
  • Affordable
  • Only for LED screens, Monitor screens and does not come for Mobile Phones



The Ocushield Screen protector also works like charms by filtering 35% of the Blue Light ranging from 420 to 500nm easily and 90% of the Blue Light ranging from 380nm to 420nm. Both types of Light are the ones for damaging retina cells and disturbing our sleep cycle causing insomnia too.

Through this screen protector, you can relive your dry eyes within a few days of use. Ocushield Blue light Screen protector comes for both mobile phones and LED screens. It is a quality product with good service. It may not be thick and you have to be careful while putting this on. The simplest mistake can make it crack and lose its longevity.

  • Anti-glare coating and a built-in privacy filter
  • Easy to install
  • Includes an installation tray for mobile
  • Pricey


retina guard

If you suffer from dry eyes because of being in front of the screen for a long time, Retinaguard might help you. It provides blockage of almost 98% of the UV light ranging from 310nm to 380nm and 90% of Blue LED light that is ranging from 380nm to 420nm. Moreover, it is easy to use and has good durability. Also, if you had your sleep cycle disturbed, it will be a great help.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • One must be careful while installing it

What if you have multiple devices?

Maybe you have many devices in your family and can not make yourself get more than one protector. Or maybe you are working on your PC in the office and have to help someone on their PC that has no screen protector. You just can not go around buying Screen protectors for every device you will be using, right? This may be the best solution. You can get non-prescribed computer glasses or if you already have glasses, you can get a prescribed one. You can just put it on and boom! This way you don’t have to put a screen protector on every single device you use.

Closing Thought

And this is it. Among all these Screen protectors, which one attracted you most? Let us know through a comment. We hope your purchase goes well and so that your eyes stay in the best condition. Since this is an alarming problem and most of us still don’t realize is the main problem. That’s why to protect our eyes from the harmful Blue light, the screen protector is a must-have in our life.

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