Socket LGA 771 is one of the oldest sockets of Intel which is also known as socket J. In 2006, Intel First Introduced it, and it includes the land grid array. It is capable of serving Single Core, Dual-core, and Quad Core processors. The LGA 775 has the same Pin compatibility, and many 775 motherboards can be paired with any LGA 771 CPU. Though it is super old, it still works so well that people always look up to it. 

This article is to help the people who are trying to know more about LGA 771 processors or the best LGA 771 CPU to build their rig. However, most people look up to these CPUs to upgrade their old ones to go on with their old system for a little more time. This LGA771 CPU list and some necessary information may help you for what you are here reading this.

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Best LGA 771 CPU

Model Cores /
Core Clock /
Boost Clock
4/4 3.20/- GHz Check Price
4/4 3.40/- GHz Check Price

Intel Core2 Extreme Processor QX9775

Intel Core2 Extreme Processor QX9775
Image Credit: Multitronic

This Intel CPU is one of the common and famous LGA 775 CPUs that most people have ever used. It works great, has a good value as quality as well. The processor base clock is impressive, and you can easily tweak it. If you get a good aftermarket cooler, you can boost it to almost more than 4.00 GHz. Unless you get the cooler, pressuring it will only worsen, and you may fry your small devices. Though it is costly for an old socket, you have to get this if you want the best of the best. Moreover, if you are looking for a CPU that has Hyperthreading capability, and do heavy works, this is the one. It is easy to overclock and has great opportunities for the overclockers.

It runs the fastest among this category of processors and has solid construction. If one does not push it too hard and take moderate care of it, it can last much longer. This one literally lives up to the term: “You get what you pay for.†However, if your rig is intended for regular and some moderate works and doesn’t need to push, the price is too much. One can even build up a low-budget rig with this money. 

Key Features: Intel Core2 Extreme Processor QX9775 comes with 4/4 cores/threads, 150W TDP, and 45nm lithography technology. The processor base clock speed is 3.20 GHz. It features a 12 MB L2 Cache and 1600 MHz of Bus Speed.

Downsides: It is expensive and overkills unless you do heavy works or want to push it for best performances.

  • Fast
  • Overall Great performances
  • Good value
  • Good overclocking performance
  • Pricey

Intel Xeon Processor X5492

Intel Xeon Processor X5492
Image Credit: Memory4less

The Intel Xeon X5492 is the fastest CPU for its chipset. It will do so well to your chipset once you upgrade it. Also, if you have a Seaburg Chipset motherboard, getting this is highly recommended. The performance will skyrocket, and you will have a faster and stronger build than before. X5492 does wonder to today’s standards. Though it is not comparable to those powerful recent releases, being this capable in this age is alone incredible. It is easy to install though sometimes it can be tricky. Moreover, it has reliable and solid constructions and performs well. This 771 Xeon processor has quite satisfactory performance if you consider the overall things.

It has no integrated graphics and runs hot because of the high power consumption. SO, getting a good cooler as well as a GPU will help you gain a great system. If you do not have a high budget and don’t want to spend a lot on a 771 CPU, this one is great of a choice. But if you have a great budget for better and faster performances and also heavier works, QX9775 should be the choice.

Key Features: The Intel Xeon Processor X5492 comes with 4/4 cores/threads, 150W TDP, and 45nm lithography technology. The processor base clock speed is 3.40 GHz. It features a 12 MB L2 Cache and 1600 MHz of Bus Speed.

Downsides: It runs hot and consumes a lot of power.

  • Affordable
  • Fast and reliable
  • Best for Seaburg chipset
  • No Integrated graphics
  • No included heatsink
  • Runs hot

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best CPU for LGA 771?

    There are two best CPUs for LGA 771: Intel Core2 Extreme QX9775 is the overall best that offers great benefit in every aspect. But it is costly and overkill if you don’t want to push it very hard. On the other, Intel Xeon X5492 is an affordable CPU with benefits.

  2. Is QX9775 overkill?

    The Intel Core2 Extreme QX9775 may not be overkill for everyone. It is high-end and the best LGA 771 CPU for gaming, overclocking, and other works. However, even for these benefits and features, it is costly and overkills.

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