The A-series APUs of AMD used the FM1 socket. These processors are based on the Lynx platform. The socket FM1 continued and AMD released two more sockets- FM2 & FM2+ and it is the end of this series. After this, the AM socket series was continued after the release of AM1. The front side Bus frequency of the FM1 socket is 100 MHz. 

If you are looking for an APU with an FM1 socket, look into this article more. It is included with the best FM1 CPU list and their reviews for a better impression. Whether you want a gaming CPU or one for your HTPC or even for regular work, this article may be a source for knowing more. 

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3 Best FM1 APU

Model Cores /
Core Clock /
Boost Clock
4/- 3/- GHz Check Price
4/- 3/- GHz Check Price
2/- 2.5/- GHz Check Price

AMD A8-Series A8-3870K

AMD A8-Series A8-3870K
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The AMD A8 series A8 3870K is an affordable APU that comes with pretty fast performance. This one is unlocked, comes at a cheap price, and offers overall good feedback. It can be a great one for your HTPC because you won’t need overclocking or much heavy work. If you do some moderate gaming, regular office work, and don’t have to push your system hard, then this is the right to go. It may run hot when you boost the clock speed, otherwise, it is pretty cool compared to other APUs with the same price. You have to get a cooler since it has no adequate stock cooler or fan. The stock cooler may run well but it is noisy and not reliable.

It is possibly the best CPU at a cheap price and also offers better features & performances. You will get what you pay for. The price to performance ratio gives a great value. Moreover, it has integrated Graphics that have a 600 MHz base frequency.

Key Features: AMD A8-series A8 3870K is a quad-core APU that features 32nm of the manufacturing process and 100 W TDP. Its base clock speed is 3 GHz and it has a 4 MB L2 cache. It includes AMD Radeon HD 6550D and the base frequency of this video card is 600 MHz. 
Downsides: It is an unlocked multiplier and runs hot once you boost the clock speed.

  • Budget FM1 CPU
  • Integrated Graphics
  • Overall good performance
  • Great value
  • Unlocked multiplier
  • Flimsy stock cooler

AMD Athlon II X4 651

AMD Athlon II X4 651

This AMD APU also works flawlessly from the first. This quad-core CPU for FM1 works great and has fast speed too. The delivery speed, performances, and a great value. The price is not even near overwhelming and you get what you pay for. Whether you get it for building a new PC or upgrading the one, the results of the performance will be fast and improved. It is easy to install and has reliable & solid build construction. You can play games, though you may need a good cooler. Also, this processor does not have any integrated graphics which is why a GPU is also needed.

Key Features: AMD Athlon II X4 651 comes with 4 cores, 32 manufacturing technology, and 100 W of total TDP. The base clock speed of this CPU is 3 GHz, and the L2 cache is 4 MB.

Downsides: It does not include any integrated graphics. The multitasking performance is laid behind its competitors.

  • Included cooler
  • Cheap price
  • Great value
  • No integrated graphics
  • Average multitasking performance
  • Consumes a lot of power

AMD A4 3300 APU

AMD A4 3300 APU
Image Credit: Newegg

This AMD A4 3300 APU is one of the most highly recommended FM1 processors, even though it may seem underrated. It is mostly bought for building HTPC, though you do any other work or some low-end gaming with this one. The price is so low that you can easily say how great its value is. It is relatively like other APUs in this list but still has excellent feedback. It has integrated graphics and the performance of the graphics cards is significant. However, you cannot say it has a quick pace in working or getting results. If you are trying it for gaming, then it will not be a wise decision. 

AMD A4 3300 is quiet, somewhat fast, comes at a cheaper price, and also works satisfactorily.

Key Features: The AMD A4 3300 comes with two cores, 65W of TDP, and a 32nm manufacturing process. Its base clock speed is 2.5 GHz, and the L2 cache is 1 MB. It has an AMD Radeon HD 6410D video card and its base frequency is 600 MHz. 

Downsides: It is not for gaming and is not very fast.

  • Cheapest price for an APU
  • Integrated graphics
  • No gaming

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